Summing Up the Results of Press-conference and the Drawing of Lots of the Second International Youth Football Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup

Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey” is going to start the Second International Youth Football Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup.

On 12-14 May 2017 the International Football Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup will take place in St. Petersburg.

The tournament was held for the first time in previous year with the support of the Concern Almaz-Antey jointly with the Football Federation of St. Petersburg in memory of the legendary forward of FC Zenit who began his football career in the team of Sports Club Bolshevik (now FC Almaz Antey). The main purpose of the tournament is to develop the international football movement and support children’s and young people’s sports in Russia.

This year young football players aged not over 13 are going to fight for Lev Burchalkin Cup, these are representatives of famous football clubs of Russia and Europe: Villarreal (Spain), VITORIA (Portugal), MTK (Hungary), Partizan (Serbia), CSKA/Central Sports Club of Army (Moscow), Lokomotiv (Moscow), Zenit (St. Petersburg) and Almaz-Antey (St. Petersburg).

The venue for the Second International Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup will be a new football stadium Almaz-Antey located on the territory of Obukhovsky sports complex in Saint Petersburg.

On 20 April 2017 the drawing of lots involving wards of the Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled of Nevsky District was held in Saint Petersburg. As a result of it the league table of the first match day was formed. The opening match will be played between “Almaz-Antey” and “MTK” teams, and then “Lokomotiv” against “Partizan”, “Zenit” against “VITORIA”, and “CSK” against “Villarreal” will continue the competition.

Mikhail Podvyaznikov, Deputy Director General of the Concern, Director of the North West Regional Center of the Aerospace Defense Concern “Almaz- Antey”, President of FC “Almaz-Antey”, emphasized that “this international tournament is bringing to life the Aerospace Defense Concern’s “Almaz-Antey” policy aimed at maintenance and popularization of all kinds of sports including football.” Mikhail Podvyaznikov has also reported that “in previous year the tournament was organized for the first time by the Concern in memory of the legendary football player Lev Burchalkin. This year we’ve decided to carry on the tradition and take an active part in the development of the international football by organizing the second football tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup. We managed to realize what we’d planned before by inviting to the tournament four foreign and four Russian football clubs. This, undoubtedly, will have a beneficial effect on communication between children from different countries and on creation and strengthening of social connections. I’m sure that the oncoming tournament will give joy to all the football lovers.”

Boris Vakhrushev, First Vice President of the Interregional Association of Football Federations “Severo-Zapad” (North West), for his part, marked that “Concern VKO “Almaz-Antey” made a real present to our city by deciding to hold the international tournament of the highest level among 13-year-old football players. For the moment there’re practically no competitions of that kind in Russia held between players of this age. This tournament is a true monument for Lev Burchalkin. I wish it will live long!”

Nikolai Obiedkov, the Head of the Competition Department of the Football Federation of Saint Petersburg, will take on the role of Chief Referee of the Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup for the second year in a row. “It’s a big honour for me to be the Chief Referee for the international tournament of such a high level, – he declared, – I can tell from experience of the previous year that every match was full of youthful ardour and mastery of young footballers. Being of this age they can afford themselves to play that romantic type of football which has not been locked in static circuits yet. This kind of football is interesting for audience sitting by the stands. This year again high-class professionals are going to judge the games.”

We remind you that the First International Youth Football Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup was held in 2016 on the territory of Obukhovsky sports complex. Eight teams took part in it: Zenit (St. Petersburg), CSKA (Moscow), Villarreal (Spain), Lokomotiv (Moscow), Brodartz (Serbia), HIK (Finland), Dynamo (Moscow) and Almaz-Antey (St. Petersburg). Spanish team “Villarreal” became a winner, the second place was taken by “Zenit” from St. Petersburg, and the last from the top three was Moscow’s “CSKA”.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend this sport festival on 12-14 May 2017 on “Almaz-Antey” stadium. The entrance is free.

All the media representatives who wish to give coverage to the Second International Youth Football Tournament for Lev Burchalkin Cup are also welcome. The Tournament will take place this May in OBUKHOVSKY sports complex: prospekt Obukhovskoy Оborony, 130, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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